National Literacy Trust Review and Planning Tool

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National Literacy Trust Review and Planning Tool

Post by Elizabeth » Fri Oct 17, 2014 3:31 pm

National Literacy Trust English Curriculum Review and Planning Tool for schools and ITT providers

Are others aware of this? I haven't been on the message board for a while, so I am sorry if it has been discussed already.

It is aimed at initial teacher training providers, as well as schools. Some of it is good, but here are some quotes that worry me:
Are your staff/trainees aware of the need to ensure that high frequency exception words are learned visually from the start?
Where do they get that from?
Are your staff/trainees from both KS1 and KS2 aware of how children develop phonemic awareness and of underlying difficulties children may have in developing phonemic awareness?
Possibly okay, but it may lead teachers away from getting on with teaching children to read, if they interpret it as meaning they must spend time on developing phonemic awareness without letters. There's more about phonemic awareness.

How do your staff/trainees ... plan opportunities to:
show flexibility in teaching phonics, for example, using a range of teaching methods to support the school’s chosen scheme
Possibly okay, but it could be interpreted as meaning teachers should sometimes teach children to use the old "range of strategies" (guessing from the picture, etc.) for word reading.

Are your staff/trainees aware
that children use multiple strategies in spelling right from the start
How do your staff/trainees plan to:
offer a range of spelling strategies including the sounds of words and their visual configurations?
Spelling is best learned in purposeful writing contexts and through a range of explicit teaching strategies
This is okay, but isn’t it the wrong way round? It should be teach it explicitly first and then put what has been taught into purposeful writing contexts.

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