MP Graham Allen and the 'Early Intervention' review

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Susan Godsland
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MP Graham Allen and the 'Early Intervention' review

Post by Susan Godsland » Sun Dec 19, 2010 1:00 pm

Missed this earlier this year:

Graham Allen, Nottingham MP, is doing a review of 'Early Intervention' for the government, due to report in January, as a result of producing this paper (along with MP Iain Duncan Smith) back in Sept 2008. ... rFINAL.pdf ... idence.pdf

Oh dear! According to the statistics obtained by the BBC (see R4 Today posting), Nottingham has one of the highest rates of 11yr.old boys starting secondary school virtually illiterate.

N.B Graham Allen is a big fan of Reading Recovery.

He was on R4 Today programme yesterday talking about the review into Early Intervention:

Nottingham Labour MP Graham Allen discusses what to do for children who leave primary school and cannot read properly. ... 301433.stm

(big sigh emoticon)
Reading failure correlates with aggressive, anti-social behaviour more strongly than any social or economic indicator. (Turner/ Burkard. Reading Fever: Why phonics must come first. CPS) p13)

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Re: MP Graham Allen and the 'Early Intervention' review

Post by g.carter » Sun Dec 19, 2010 1:31 pm

Yes - it is strange that such a strong advocate of spending millions on Reading Recovery - should be in charge of this investigation. Oh dear ...

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