Teaching English vocabulary & spelling at KS3

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Teaching English vocabulary & spelling at KS3

Post by Susan Godsland » Thu Jun 19, 2014 1:48 pm

I've just discovered this blog http://joeybagstock.wordpress.com/

''must do better...
thoughts about English teaching and education in general''

This latest posting will be of interest to anyone teaching English & spelling at KS3.

http://joeybagstock.wordpress.com/2014/ ... revisited/
In collaboration with our literacy intervention leader, the superb Josie Mingay, we have devised what we think is a more rigorous and effective strategy for developing student vocabulary. Our new approach is primarily based on phonological-grapheme correspondence, where the sounds and spellings of phonemes are used as the focus for improving word acquisition and developing spelling accuracy. The currency in this model is thus the individual phoneme, rather than the word. We are essentially applying aspects of primary phonics teaching to the secondary context and extending the principle of phoneme correspondence to that of high frequency syllables.

Alongside the teaching of these commonly used syllables and their spellings, we intend to systematically teach prefixes, suffixes and root words in relation to etymology. Our approach will therefore combine meaning and spelling – in our opinion, the most robust and enabling methodology. Students will effectively learn how to decipher the meaning of unfamiliar words by using their knowledge of prefixes, suffixes and roots whilst improving their ability to encode and decode by being able to break down words into sound units i.e. continuing the primary model of learning to spell using individual sounds but in longer units and with more sophisticated, often unfamiliar vocabulary.

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