Two blogs and a paper

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Two blogs and a paper

Post by maizie » Sat Oct 24, 2015 1:20 pm

For those of you who aren't on twitter some interesting reading related things have appeared recently.

Firstly, a blog by Greg Ashman. Originally English, Greg now lives and teaches in Australia and is, among other things, very interested in the 'reading debate'. He has blogged about it before and this isn't one of his best, but is quite interesting for the comments it has generated. ... mment-1074

Second, a blog by David Didau, a secondary teacher who blogs as 'The Learning Spy'. He hasn't got his 'history' of reading methods quite right (Whole Word methods can be traced back at least to 19th C through Huey's influential 'Practice & Pedagogy of Reading' 1907) and he considerably mistakes the magnitude of Jean Chall's work in the 1960s; it was not solely a 'literature review', as those who have read the resultant book will know, but these are really minor quibbles. It's really good stuff.

'From Scared Straight to Reading Wrong' ... ing-wrong/

And the paper.

Flagged up by Greg Ashman as something that didn't 'feel' quite right. It doesn't feel right to me, either. Some discussion would be interesting :smile:

Teaching Reading in the Early Years ... velopments

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