Governments and Synthetic Phonics

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Governments and Synthetic Phonics

Post by Elizabeth » Wed Oct 21, 2015 4:26 pm

I have been asked for a list of countries where the government is officially implementing synthetic phonics teaching in all state-maintained primary schools. I know about a few:

In England synthetic phonics teaching principles are in the National Curriculum.

In Nigeria the government is officially supporting the implementation of synthetic phonics teaching in all government schools.

In the Gambia, synthetic phonics teaching has been government policy since 2008.

Trinidad has adopted synthetic phonics in government schools and UNESCO is implementing a training programme there.

Governments in Antigua and St Lucia in the Caribbean are actively promoting synthetic phonics in their schools.

I don't know where else it is official government policy. I know several other governments are involved in trials. Also the Reading Panel of the USA provided evidence that systematic phonics teaching is undoubtedly best for teaching reading and in parts of Australia there has been a push for synthetic phonics teaching.

Can anyone give more information about this?

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