'Phonics: Politics and Practice' SEN magazine

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'Phonics: Politics and Practice' SEN magazine

Post by maizie » Thu Jul 23, 2015 1:03 pm

Interesting article by Debbie in SEN Magazine
Ofsted itself also has much to answer for in regard to promotion of “circuitous” or “extraneous”activities (Sir Jim Rose warned about “extraneous” activities in his Final Report, March 2006). Six phonics and literacy specialists took Ofsted to task for promoting a phonics-parachute game on the 'Literacy: a non-negotiable' footage via the Ofsted site.

In other words, whilst Ofsted and the DfE have gone to considerable lengths to look into the teaching of reading based on international research findings and leading-edge practice, and to promote rigorous, fit-for-purpose programmes and practice based on their findings, other branches or people within the DfE and Ofsted have promoted practices which are contradictory.

So what are teachers to conclude? No wonder many remain confused with conflicting guidance from officials. No wonder teachers may feel that they can pick and choose their own approach to reading instruction. No wonder we have not yet reached the point of all schools teaching all their children to read well.

https://www.senmagazine.co.uk/articles/ ... d-practice

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