School vacancies

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School vacancies

Post by kenm » Thu Jul 09, 2015 9:58 am

Hannah Richardson, BBC News education reporter wrote: Nearly one in 100 full-time teaching posts in England were either vacant or filled temporarily in 2014, Department for Education figures show.

There were 1,030 vacancies last November, up a third on 2013, the highest number since 2010, when the DfE started compiling figures in November.

Meanwhile, teachers on contracts of between one and three terms filled 3,210 posts, up nearly 38% on 2013.

Teacher numbers, at 454,900, up more than 5,000, were at an all-time high.
Since the number of jobs must have increased by more than 5000, I think keeping the number of vacancies to fewer than 1% was pretty good going.
The proportion of English, maths and science teachers with a relevant post-A-Level qualification dropped slightly over the same period:

in maths, from 77.6% to 75.8%,
in English, from 79.9% to 79.4%
in science, from 85.7% to 84.9%
This is more worrying, not so much for the basic content as for the ability of the teacher to put the material into a context. Some pupils find maths and sciences boring unless they are told where what they are learning can be applied to real-world problems.
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