Phonics catch up? And now for something completely different

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Phonics catch up? And now for something completely different

Post by Susan Godsland » Tue Dec 30, 2014 12:47 pm

Gordon Askew writes about the role of synthetic phonics in 'catch up'

'And now for something completely different' ... etely.html
I am often asked about the role of phonics in 'catch up'. Some learners are in KS2, KS3 or beyond and, sadly, have not yet got very far at all with mastering basic reading. Teachers and parents understandably want to know how best to help them, to start them on the reading journey, or at very least to enable them to become functional readers.

One of the pronouncements I hear most frequently in respect of these learners generally goes along the lines of: 'They have been doing phonics for years and it hasn't worked for them. Now they need to try a different approach,' or 'Phonics doesn't work for everyone. These kids obviously need something else.'

Unfortunately such thinking is a massive red herring, and can have disastrous results, depriving learners of the very teaching they most desperately need to achieve the desired 'catch up'.

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