Review of the (Australian) National Curriculum

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Review of the (Australian) National Curriculum

Post by yvonne meyer » Mon Oct 13, 2014 12:04 am

The publication of the Review of the (Australian) National Curriculum has been reported in the media as recommending a 'back to basics' and 'more phonics' approach to the teaching and learning of beginning reading. What is not being widely discussed is that the Review also points out that teachers don't know how to teach systematic synthetic phonics, and that they also don't know how to teach grammar and punctuation. The Review makes the point that this is because they were not themselves taught these things when they were in school.

If this weren't bad enough, teacher's University 4 year Bachelor of Education degree also didn't teach them phonics, grammar & punctuation.

I don't want to be overly cynical, but the Report of the US National Reading Panel made the same recommendations 14 years ago, the Australian Literacy Inquiry and the UK Rose Report made the same recommendations 9 years ago and nothing changed for Australian students.

While the Review is a good thing, nothing will change unless there is massive re-training of existing classroom teachers and no one is saying much about that.
The Australian Curriculum: English should be revised to place greater emphasis on a more structured and systematic phonics and phonemic awareness approach during the early years of reading.
Review of the Australian Curriculum
Final Report ... report.pdf

Further information on the Review of the Australian Curriculum can be found on the Strengthening the Australian Curriculum website ( ... curriculum).

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