MultiLit: Why Jaydon can't read

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MultiLit: Why Jaydon can't read

Post by Susan Godsland » Thu Aug 28, 2014 1:25 pm

The latest issue of MultiLit Moments (Aus) is available:

It includes a good article 'Why Jaydon can’t read'
by Jennifer Buckingham, a precis of a longer article with the same title.
The so-called ‘reading wars’ are portrayed as an academic
debate over phonics, which teaches children the alphabetic
code, versus a whole-language approach, which encourages
development of higher order literacy skills. This is a false
dichotomy. Reading researchers do not claim that phonics
is a complete approach to reading instruction. Phonics is
one essential part of a high-quality, comprehensive reading
program. It has been the focus of particular attention
because it is the component most often neglected or poorly
taught. High-quality phonics instruction is explicit, systematic
and structured. Pointing out letter sounds during shared
reading activities is not phonics instruction.

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