Are they 'secondary ready'?

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Are they 'secondary ready'?

Post by Susan Godsland » Sat Apr 12, 2014 9:09 am

'Mr Chadwick' is a primary teacher who 'gets it'. ... e.html?m=1
One of my greatest epiphanies as a teacher was moving from teaching Year 6 to Year 2. I understood with great clarity that the gaps in learning I saw from some pupils in Year 6 was because they hadn't got some of the basics secured.
As a secondary teacher I imagine Year 7's who can behave and listen in class, organise their resources ready for a lesson, complete and hand-in homework, etc are all useful - but surely number one in the list, whatever subject they teach, is competent reading, writing and maths skills?
In this blog by @cherrylkd she makes the valid point that interventions can extract children away from the accessing the wider curriculum and this is certainly true in many schools. But this is surely a problem with the quality of teaching and learning in English and Maths lessons. If 5 hours a week, for 36 weeks a year, for 7 years is not enough to get basics skills to 'secondary ready' standard then something has gone wrong

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