'Phonics and the Resistance to Reading' Mike Lloyd-Jones

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'Phonics and the Resistance to Reading' Mike Lloyd-Jones

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'Phonics and the Resistance to Reading' by Mike Lloyd-Jones is a very succinct, easy to read, no nonsense book which everyone should read who can read.

One of the major issues in the world of education that is played out in the public domain and behind the scenes is the level of detraction, misunderstanding and misinformation undermining the fundamental importance of teaching phonics systematically and explicitly for all children.

This book should be on all the reading lists of teacher-training universities and schools - I would go further than that and make sure that it isn't just 'recommended reading' but that it is compulsory as an introduction to teacher-training.

It should be compulsory reading for all Ofsted inspectors and any consultants, advisors, publishers - anyone associated with literacy in any way.

The reason it should be compulsory for inspectors is because there is no wriggle-room in its clear message and because we, daily, still hear tales of people with considerable authority in schools that they 'don't like phonics', 'you don't need phonics for every child' - even 'phonics is tantamount to child-abuse for able readers' or 'children have been 'phonicked to death and now they need something different' and so on. This includes from members of the inspectorate.

This is not an 'academic book' per se in that it has no references - but it is academic in the sense that the issue of undermining phonics teaching - and what phonics is or isn't - and the damage that is done by multi-cueing reading strategies which amount to guessing words from various cues IS ABSOLUTELY an issue that should concern academia.

Shame on those publishers who are undermining their own efforts to publish and promote systematic synthetic phonics reading books and programmes by continuing to promote multi-cueing practices, programmes and materials.

Shame on the teachers' union leaders and literacy associations and children's authors and intervention programmes who continue to promote multi-cueing reading strategies.

Shame on the intervention organisations who, having promoted phonics for intervention not so long ago, now turn on phonics and suggest that some children need 'something else'.

Shame on the intervention programmes, such as Reading Recovery, that have not (to my knowledge) publicly rejected the multi-cueing reading strategies that have been the basis for their training, practices and reading material for children for so long.

Having read this book in just a few hours, I wish I had read it before now.

I am going to provide it for schools and attendees for any of my training events.

When teachers encounter colleagues, headteachers, or others, who continue to undermine phonics teaching, I recommend that they thrust this little book firmly in the hands of the detractor and say, "Read this".

DAILY, I hear from people all over the world who are up against the prevailing multi-cueing reading strategies approach to reading - intransigent colleagues who are adamant that they know what they are doing despite the research on reading. They know best. They don't.

In Australia, great strides made as a consequence of their national inquiry in 2005 were later undermined by new people in authority.

This is such an easy-to-read and straightforward book - but it is chilling in its message.

Highly recommended - and essential if anyone works alongside phonics detractors in any shape, size, role or gender.

Susan Godsland

Re: 'Phonics and the Resistance to Reading' Mike Lloyd-Jones

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Susan Godsland

Re: 'Phonics and the Resistance to Reading' Mike Lloyd-Jones

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