Amanda Spielman's talk at researchED 2013

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Amanda Spielman's talk at researchED 2013

Post by Susan Godsland » Sun Sep 29, 2013 5:01 pm

Amanda Spielman was one of the speakers at the researchED 2013 conference.

She recommends Diane McGuinness's prototype and is tactful about not using RR in ARK schools (1st video) She says they use RWI in ARK schools (2nd video) as follows prototype and easy to implement. ... aMsdXsLBpg_
Amanda Spielman is the Education Adviser (formerly Research and Development Director) for ARK Schools and the Chair of Ofqual. She came to education late via an MA in Comparative Education at the Institute of Education, where she become interested in areas of inconsistency between research evidence and general education practice. From 1995 she was part of the founding team at ARK Schools, where she has been deeply involved in the design and development of an evidence-based educational model for all ARK’s schools, and in working out how to embed it. She also serves on the Council of the Institute of Education and as Chair of Ofqual. ... eNumber=49
Diane McGuinness: A Prototype for Teaching the English Alphabet Code

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