Lambeth's ''best practice phonics'' videos

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Lambeth's ''best practice phonics'' videos

Post by Susan Godsland » Wed Sep 04, 2013 1:43 pm

Lambeth CLC recently promoted the following synthetic phonics (Letters and Sounds) video clips, saying,

''Get ready for the new academic year with these best practice phonics videos filmed in Lambeth classrooms''

We've watched a couple of them. Comments follow:

Phase 3:
45 seconds in there's a view of the teacher's Tricky Word wall which has a big sign saying ''We can't sound it out''

Phase 6:
Good intro to camera on importance of daily phonics and structure of review, teach new, apply and plenary. Lesson started with going through "keywords"


CT asked - how can we remember to spell these words?
Pupil: make a rhyme
CT: yes like "oh you lucky duck" as in would and could.
Pupil: you could use the sounds
CT: yes you could
CT: Can you remember the other way I told you to remember words: look for parts of words we already know

Re the word "never" There followed identification of:

er ............. then ..................
CT: How could you read "never" ? remember to put "n" before" ever".

So much for blending all through the word as first strategy for reading.

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