You tube - a really good synthetic phonics lesson???

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Re: You tube - a really good synthetic phonics lesson???

Post by JAC » Wed Mar 27, 2013 11:49 am

Thanks everyone - I found this RWI one, again with some faults but what do you all think, if you have time to look?

I've watched many a DI video to see how they deliver, very informative.
Youtube is such a great tool isn't it, if only you can find what you want!

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Re: You tube - a really good synthetic phonics lesson???

Post by volunteer » Wed Mar 27, 2013 11:53 am

Yes, my 7 year old scans it regularly to teach herself strange things e.g. climbing up the door frame.

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Re: You tube - a really good synthetic phonics lesson???

Post by chew8 » Wed Mar 27, 2013 6:19 pm

Elizabeth wrote:Like Jenny, I wish we had more videos of good practice!

I would love to produce some, but am completely daunted at the thought of
a) finding the teachers that are doing really well and are in a school that would like to be filmed.
b) the cost of filming
If some really good training is going on, though, there should be teachers out there who are doing really well. I have no idea how much filming this sort of thing costs. Could the RRF afford to fund it?
Maizie wrote:I have reservations about a video alone though - it's very important to have some notes along with it which explain why children were being taught that particular thing at that point in time and a critique of the lesson. Otherwise it could just be a bit canned and staged - as probably was this lesson we have just watched.
I sat through virtually all the filming done for the Letters and Sounds DVDs and that made me realise that it isn’t easy to get exactly what one wants first time round with young children, so some re-takes are inevitable. Glitches may have nothing to do with the lesson – e.g. they could involves something like a loud noise outside the classroom. Maizie mentioned the bit in the You Tube video where a child already knew what was in the bag – what may have happened was that there was some glitch in the first take so the teacher had to do that bit of the lesson again. No actual coaching or rehearsal may have taken place, but the simple fact of doing things a second time may have been enough to make it look as if things were ‘staged’.

Jenny C.

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Re: You tube - a really good synthetic phonics lesson???

Post by geraldinecarter » Thu Mar 28, 2013 12:20 am

There were a couple of wonderful Sound Reading System video clips 10-15 minutelong (?) clips - Reception and Year 1- a while ago. Terrific teaching and very focused, enthusiastic children. But linguistic phonics is more complex in structure than SP and would need some background notes - though I could see something like these SRS videos interleaved with the sort of simple, not too wordy powerpoint such as Elizabeth produced.
What might be really good would be an SP/linguistic phonics lesson justaposed with a school.s commitment to storytelling, drama, etc.

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