Ed Balls

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Ed Balls

Post by g.carter » Wed Apr 28, 2010 7:16 pm

Sorry - I couldn't resist putting this link up with accompanying quote:

http://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/co ... o-history-

'...Cocky, fake, slimy, inelegant, ineloquent, charmless, witless, weird, sinister, glacially cold and luminescently remote, he may be the most chillingly repulsive politician of even this golden generation. If Pixar set out to create a CGI character to embody everything the public has learned to despise about its political class, they'd be thrilled to come up with this lizardy schemer, who may have slipped through a tear in the fabric of space-time himself. Certainly he seems best suited to skulking beneath stone archways, in a purple robe, sibilantly sidling poison into the bloodstream of the medieval Vatican...'

Balls is the worst Education Minister of the 6-7 (lost count) during the past 13 years and there is a crumb of comfort in knowing how widely disliked he is - not that it's any use to the thousands of children whose lives he is wrecking.

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Re: Ed Balls

Post by Debbie Hepplewhite » Wed Apr 28, 2010 9:49 pm

Who wrote the piece please, Geraldine? The link doesn't link to the correct webpage.

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Re: Ed Balls

Post by confusedparent » Wed Apr 28, 2010 9:54 pm

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