Independent: Pre-school gender gap exposed

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Post by Hammered » Mon Aug 03, 2009 2:40 pm

This article is rather misleading and unhelpful, it seems to have been written by someone with a lack understanding of the UK eduation system.

The assertion that these tests are carried out on children before they start school is inaccurate as the EYFS results they are referring to are for the end of Reception Year when the children are in school year. Debbie has already referred to the ridiculous nature of much of this scoring system.

Also the quote that a 4 year old boy who may still be learning to write his name may not be 'job-ready for the world that is coming' seems an amazing prediction based on his progress in these early years.

However, that is not to say that there is not some truth in the importance of early progress, just I think the focus on gender is unhelpful.

British research through the EPPE project has put forward extensively the benefits of quality preschool provsion making a difference to the future progress of children in deprived areas. In these cases, early intervention was vital if these children are to make progress in comparison to children from language/talk rich homes. By all means start formal teaching later, but ensure that the mechanisms are in place for high quality pre-school care or the gap between those from different backgrounds will be even greater.

You cannot leave it to chance to wait till these children are 'developmentally ready', there are too many other factors involved. However there needs to be everything in place so that these children do become 'ready'. The problem is girls tend to get there faster than boys at this age for all sorts of reasons.

However boys do outscore girls on the profile point about using techonology so they should be ok in the future :-) ... re=related

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