The book of spells and misspells

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The book of spells and misspells

Post by Susan Godsland » Thu Aug 25, 2005 6:40 pm

I learnt about this new book on spelling, on the itorf mailing list . Valerie Yule, the author, is also on the list and says, 'the book is a bit shocking and controversial, and it has an Australian sense of humor, so you have been warned! But it contains a great deal that most people do not know, a good many laughs, and can arouse lively discussions and controversies which are all to the good. Students like the bits they recognise about SMS, advertising and spelling demons too.


Here are the chapters -

Chapter One. Spelling and Culture
Spelling as culture
Olde Worlde spelling
Modern spelling
They spell with their thumbs (SMS)
Words without spelling - letters as words Words without spelling - reading logos Funny Biznis - Spel'n 'n a Biskit Sclambred Slepnilg. The cosmic mess (Scrambled Spelling) Spelling and
When spell checkers succeed
When spell checkers fail
The American Way of Spelling
Dialect, Scots, Pijin, Australian and Black spelling The world spells back International English spelling International spelling of English A- Z International spelling for English Eurospelling History A dated history of spelling A spotty history of spelling Kublai Khan in Xanadu Spelling in literature Fiction Dickens, Spelling at Dotheboys Hall A romantic spelling bee in the old days
Allegories and satire
Mark Twain: Spelling in ancient Egypt
Spelling by numbers
Verse and werse
Spelling limericks
The Chaos - a Dutchman's view
Chaucer on spelling
Dethless verse
Spelling drama - three expurgated playlets
and the US Spelling Bee

Chapter Two. Swept away
The wild shores of spelling
The def and dum alphabet
The wilder shores of consonants
The wilder shores of vowels
Double-dealing curiosities
Back-to-front spelling
Infernal spelling - the demons
I before E after tea
Ho monophobia
Half the words you read - 100 words
How dictionaries spell
The Chomsky story

Chapter Three. Sealed Sexion
Unprintable spelling
Laptop dancing
Spelling stripping
Spam spelling
Gorgeous spelling
Vulgar spelling
Spelling on Mars and Venus
The spelling adventures of Don Quixote
International links for English spelling
Chapter Four. Pun and games
Only punning
Ghoti on the menu
Spelling as a Joke -
Spelling bee - An ABZ
Trivia box

Chapter Five. The Psych of Pspelling
How children want to spell
How people spelled when they could spell as they liked How people want to spell today They can't spell to save themselves Acid opinions and spelling rage Personalise your spelling The spelling ethic Spelling and society

Chapter Six. It's thyme u gnu
Reading forward

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