Read or Die !

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Read or Die !

Post by sally » Wed Aug 24, 2005 1:24 am

.. not as dramatic as it sounds, and a bit off topic really (and too mature for primary children but not dodgy), I just loved the title of this cartoon series, which I came across when searching for some other anime stuff. Never seen it or heard of it before, it just appealed to me...
"Read or Die
A secret agent known as The Paper lives a quiet life as Yomiko Readman, a substitute teacher, happily collecting books, when a new assignment is given to her from the Royal British Library's Special Operations Division. A group formed of genetically engineered reincarnations of famous inventors, pilots, and demi-gods is attempting to take over the world. With her partner Ms Deep aka Nancy Makuhari and Drake Anderson work on defusing this precarious situation. The Paper can control what appears to be all types of paper, and Ms Deep can phase through solid objects. "

...I'd love to send them into the Dept for Education ...

not sure if it's OK to post pictures here, so here's a link if anyone is interested...

Read or Die

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