10 reasons why they stick with whole-language.

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10 reasons why they stick with whole-language.

Post by Susan Godsland » Thu Aug 11, 2005 12:56 pm

Why they won't drop whole-language /mixture of methods:

1. 'Gut feelings'.

2. Anecdotal evidence and subjective experience.

3. Habit -easy to stick with what you know and have always done.

4. Easily available glossy materials from the government and publishers.

5. Pleasant sound bites (memes) eg. REAL books, WHOLE language.

6. Pressure and/or advice from more experienced teachers.

7. Teaching and publications by education gurus and professors.

8. Lack of scientific knowledge and understanding.

9. Income or kudos obtained from promoting whole-language practices.

10. Too embarrassed to admit they got it wrong /were duped.

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